Lizzie is currently sponsored by Hardy Etc LTD. She is also supported by the GLL Sports Foundation and the Free Access for National Sportspeople Scheme.

Being the UK’s top para competitor in an unusual sport certainly helps to bring interest and distinction to those with whom she works.

If you feel that your brand or company is built on qualities such as courage, persistence, teamwork, creativity and the desire to stand out, then please get in touch to find out how Lizzie, The Para Vaulter, can help you and your staff!

Public speaking and workshops

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Lizzie is a practised and confident public speaker with experience in front of audiences ranging from primary school children to royalty.

In her job in special educational needs, Lizzie specialises in motivating children of all types and guiding them to find success and contentment both in and out of the classroom. She is particularly interested in teaching resilience, self-awareness and behaviour management – skills which are vital for children and adults alike – and is experienced in helping people of all ages.

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Written and audiovisual

As a graduate of the University of Cambridge, and with postgraduate qualifications from the University of London, Lizzie is also accustomed to producing high-quality written work on a variety of topics, and writes regularly for a number of equestrian sites. She is now experimenting with producing videos, whether they be promotional, informative, or purely for entertainment!

For a three-minute introduction to some of the hard work and mindsets that lie behind Lizzie’s achievements, please click here to view a promotional video, ‘This is me, and this is my superpower.’Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 19.22.40


Lizzie is currently qualified to teach primary gymnastics and some RDA vaulting, and is working towards further qualifications in vaulting (RDA and able-bodied) and RDA riding.

Social media

Lizzie can be found on social media including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.