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RDA Proficiency Tests – Horse Care (Riding)


Grade 1 Care (R)

Grade 2 Care (R)

Grade 3 Care (R)

Grade 4 Care (R)


RDA Proficiency Tests – Horse Care (Vaulting)


Grade 1 Care (V)

Grade 2 Care (V)

Grade 3 Care (V)

Grade 4 Care (V) – coming soon!


RDA Proficiency Tests – Practical

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 17.28.29Grades 1 & 2 Vaulting

Grades 1 & 2 Riding 


Pot luck fun quizzes and other activities

DR = Difficulty Rating. * = easy; ***** = fiendish

Scales of Training Quiz (***)

Pony Trick or Treat (**) 

Intro Rug Quiz (*/**) 

Rug Quiz (**/***) 

Rug Quiz (Tricky) (***/****) 

Horsey Halloween Quiz (Tricky!) (****) 

Speedy Quiz (halt, walk, trot, canter, spook!) (**) 

Name the Job (***) 


Native Breeds Map Quiz (**)

Native Breeds Quiz (***)

Tricky Horse Breeds Quiz (****)

My favourite pony, Button – Fill the Gaps Story (**)

Hunt the Ladybird! 1 (*)

Hunt the Ladybird! 2 (*)

RDA Vaulting Knowledge Quiz (**)

Shadow Quiz 1 (***)


Superzoom Quiz 1 (****)

The Equine Art Quiz 1 (*****)

The Equine Art Quiz 2 (*****)


Other resources (including some that are owned/created by others as noted)

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 17.44.24

Demystifying the Bridle: The Tale of a Googley-Eyed Fish (video showing how to put a bridle together)

Gillian Higgins – Free Horses Inside Out Children’s Pack (suitable for grown ups too!)

Pally Ponies – Free resources available

Deborah Stacey – Horse Lover’s Math (available in US imperial units and in metric units)